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Choosing your video game battles

Choose Your (Video Game) Battles

Since you have been a parent, have you heard the phrase “choose your battles”?  This phrase has helped me survive some trying times as a parent.  It was what helped me decide what battles were worth fighting to win when it came to our kids.  This phrase was key in how we chose the battle […]

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THE RUNDOWN // October

October is here and we are gearing up for Halloween! This rundown will be full of spooky (or not so spooky) events! I said last month that the weather would be cooling off; that was obviously incorrect information! Hopefully this month we feel some of those Fall temperatures! Either way I am fully committed to [...]
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National Good Neighbor Day

We were about an hour away from home, on a 3 hour trip to lay my husband’s sweet grandfather to rest. It was already a pretty stressful and emotional day, and then the phone rang. Our dog has been seen wandering the neighborhood. Perfect. We start the telephone game, calling all of our neighbors, trying to […]

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It’s July which is probably our favorite month of the Summer! There are so many local events going on especially for the 4th of July (which we have a guide for, of course!) and we have so many extra visitors in town to help us celebrate! So here is our list of some events going […]

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