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friendship is over

The Death of a Friendship

Over the years I’ve had many truly great friendships.  I have had a tribe for every phase of my life.  Without them, I would have struggled through those different phases of life.  They helped guide me through some of life’s most difficult and fun times.  Along with the great friendships came the not so great friendships. […]

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Does this blog make my influencer look big?

Although this meeting is planned it feels like suddenly I’ve found myself sitting at this table with some amazing young moms from different walks of life writing mom blogs with them.  Does this make me an influencer?  What??  I have no freaking idea!  So I did a little Google search to find out.  You all know Google […]

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Pregnancy After Loss

I will never forget the words the doctor said – “I’m so sorry, we can’t find a heartbeat.” I was 8 weeks pregnant with our first child and having my first prenatal appointment.  The doctors estimated that our fetus had stopped growing at 6 weeks, and my body just hadn’t caught up to that fact. […]

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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

You know those friends who make you feel like you are their 2nd or 3rd choice? I have spent the majority of my life chasing their “yes.” It was exhausting and emotionally draining. I have cried, felt unlikeable, and not good enough. There really is not another way to put it – it sucks.  I […]

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Choosing your video game battles

Choose Your (Video Game) Battles

Since you have been a parent, have you heard the phrase “choose your battles”?  This phrase has helped me survive some trying times as a parent.  It was what helped me decide what battles were worth fighting to win when it came to our kids.  This phrase was key in how we chose the battle […]

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THE RUNDOWN // October

October is here and we are gearing up for Halloween! This rundown will be full of spooky (or not so spooky) events! I said last month that the weather would be cooling off; that was obviously incorrect information! Hopefully this month we feel some of those Fall temperatures! Either way I am fully committed to [...]
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A healthy breakfast with croissants, fresh juice, nuts and raspberries

Living Healthy From The Inside Out

When thinking about our own health it is important to remember that health comes from the inside out. The “perfect body” is an evolving image. When I was in my teens it was a flat Britney Spears stomach you obtained by a “fat free diet” and 100 crunches a day. Now, it’s a six pack and a Kim Kardashian […]

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