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An Awesome Car Seat for an Awesome Kid

Car Seat Sponsored by Britax. As always, all opinions are my own

My son is five and has a muscle disorder, which has caused significant delays in his muscle development and overall strength. When looking for equipment like car seats, there is always the concern that even if a seat is age-appropriate for him, it may not give him enough support.

We’ve been a Britax family for the last couple of years, but we recently upgraded to their new Frontier ClickTight car seat and we are LOVING it!  Yep, all caps. LOVING. It.  

So, and this may not sound like a big deal but trust me it’s huge for us, it provides enough support and stability to keep him safe and upright, but still lets him feel like a big kid. It is very open on the sides so he can climb into it independently, and it gives him the ability to watch everything going on while we’re driving. All of which equals one happy mama. Car rides are so much more fun now that we can talk all about everything he’s seeing on the road…but now my podcast queue is filling up. I may need some solo road trips in my future. #themomstruggleisreal.

The other feature that I really like is the built-in cup holders. We had a cup holder that clipped on to the side of his old seat, but I like the built-in feature a lot better. There is one on each side so kids store their drinks, snacks, or small toys and you don’t have to do the classic backwards-arm-bend while driving down the highway. I can’t be the only one with lasting shoulder injuries because my kid decided he needed something the minute I got busy, you know, driving.

To hear more about Hayden’s new car seat, check out my video review here. There are so many great aspects of this new car seat, but all of Britax’s products are truly top-notch. They’ve got everything from full-on travel systems, infant seats, booster seats, and accessories.  I can’t say enough about how these small details in an everyday item like a carseat have had such a huge impact on how we travel with Hayden. 

Check out the Britax website to find the best kid gear for your family! 

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