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The Greatest Balancing Act, Motherhood

Motherhood is so bizarre. Can we be good moms but sometimes selfish? Can we be good partners while drowning in the day to day tasks? Am I doing any of this right? Help!
I’m feeling so refreshed after a 3 day getaway with my husband. We went to Mobile and New Orleans to celebrate 8 years of marriage. We spent our days sleeping in, sipping coffee in bed, and roaming the French quarter with no agenda. It was pure bliss. But part of me kind of wished my kids were there.

Am I crazy?

Every yummy thing I ate or amazing experience I had made me miss my kids. Being a mom is seriously one of the weirdest things ever, a balancing act that I feel like I am failing at. A week ago I was making dinner in a kitchen full of chaos and dreaming of my upcoming childless getaway. Flash forward to said getaway and I was wishing for little wallering bodies in my huge, comfy hotel bed. Seriously, am I crazy? 
Alone time with husband is so good for my soul and we made so many sweet memories. I also know it’s so necessary for my sanity and my marriage to take trips and go on dates but, it’s still so darn hard. Is there a formula for capturing the perfect balance of motherhood excellence and self preservation/sanity? If so please send it my way!
My husband and I actually have a musical festival planned for the end of September (cue the seriously mixed emotions). I’ve been wanting to attend this festival for years but, I’m already nervous. There will be no cell reception or access to internet so I’ll have to make a pilgrimage to call home or (most likely) have to go 3 days without talking to my kids.
I’m already feeling weird about the whole thing but, I’ll be okay. You know what? They’ll be okay too, actually they will probably cry when I pick them up from my parents house. Who am I kidding, I will probably cry also!
Then I’ll be at home making dinner in a house full of chaos wishing I was back at that service-less music festival, or in New Orleans. So, you know what? I will take more time to savor those chaos filled moments AND I will savor the fragments of freedom from the duties of motherhood.

I will slow down a little and enjoy it all because being a mom is a weird, magical journey and I want to be here for all of it. 

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