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Our Wild, Crazy Animal Takes on Tennis

Did you know that 7-year-old boys are wild, crazy animals? Because I certainly didn’t.  I grew up in a house of all girls. My cousins are all girls, my nieces are all girls. Well okay, that’s a lie there is ONE boy, but he’s in a house with all girls so does that really count?

So needless to say, two years ago when I was introduced and blessed with a wild, crazy child it was a shock. Just at first-  just for the first week or two. Then I got used to the constant release of noxious gas, the shouting at the top of his lungs whenever speaking, the loud crashes and booms that came from his 30 min showers where he “battled” his action figures.

After that my heart was open to him, forever and always.

Isaac’s brain is constantly working at maximum speed. In the middle of one thought or idea, he thinks of another. They’re mainly thoughts of video games, but occasionally there’s a thought of a cheeseburger, ketchup and fries thrown in there.  

We are so proud of how unique, strong willed, spirited and energetic he is. BUT after playing soccer this summer I wasn’t exactly sold on team sports for him.

It was his first-time playing soccer and we were super amazed by how quickly he picked up the rules and was focused on the game. But outside of the game when he wasn’t trying to get “his revenge” or “smoke the other team”. Aggressive… I know… He just didn’t really have any interest in listening to his coach or being a team player.

So, a couple of weeks ago I had an event for my work at the Bluewater Bay Tennis Center. It was called Net Generation Day and it was a free lesson for kids of all ages. Since our weekends are generally filled with activities that don’t involve a screen and are more centered around him interacting with real life humans, we thought it would be the perfect thing for him to try. 

And let me tell you… we were dumbfounded throughout the entire lesson by his behavior.

Can you believe he didn’t, not even once, try to hit another kid with his tennis racket? I fully expected him to completely ignore his coach, run around like a crazy person, turn his tennis racket into a weapon, draw his name in the clay and basically act like a full-on lunatic.

I couldn’t believe the kid that was before my eyes! He was listening, engaging, saying yes sir and even hitting the tennis ball the majority of the time!

After the tennis lesson was over, and asking Isaac if he had a good time, I immediately talked to my contact at the tennis center to see how we could get him signed up.

Ever since that day, it’s been a Fam Jam Activity. We go at least twice every weekend to hit balls as a family, he has his tennis lessons on Mondays, and we start our Adult Beginner tennis lessons this Friday.

Isaac is now referring to himself as a “backhand pro”, and his dad and I are working on trying to hit the tennis balls and not ourselves.

I have a sneaking suspicion that once I get a proper tennis outfit my inner superstar will come out and I’ll be the best in the family.

Until then we’re just happy to be outside playing a sport all together. And when the day comes that Isaac is running around the court not listening to his coach and trying to hit children with his racket, all I will be able to do is laugh.

Issac with his tennis racket being cool


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