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National Adoption Awareness Month: Here’s to Forever

I’ve always had a desire to adopt, but I could have never imagined that desire would turn into reality and one day I would feel so passionately about National Adoption Awareness Month.

Not only does our family kick off the month of November celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month, but November 1st is our son Beckham’s “forever day!” He’s always been ours in our hearts, but November 1, 2017 the judge declared what we already knew; Beckham was “officially” ours. Forever.



There’s not many words I can gather to describe the day you [legally] became my son.

If you’ve walked the adoption process you know how daunting the time to “making it official” is. We cried, we worried, we fought. For you, baby. And we would do it over, and over, and over, and over again if we knew you were at the end of that dark road. Every single time. 

If you’re the person out there that’s contemplating adoption to grow your family, my advice to you is this: Say Yes.

There are so many different aspects of the adoption triad: the birthparents, the adoptive parents, and the baby — and every one is beautiful in its very own way. I see you, Mama. Adoption looks scary, it’s “too expensive”, there’s a lot of uncertainty and “what if?” but I promise, it will be your best yes

So many nights I wondered who you were, what you would look like, and when I would get to meet you. And just like that, because of adoption and the selfless act of your birthparents, you’re all mine. So here’s to saying yes. Here’s to the nights we dreamt about you. Here’s to the nights we wondered when you’d find us. Here’s to all the scary parts and the uncertainty and the “what ifs”.

Here’s to forever.




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