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Farmer’s Market Finds :: Free Printable

Farmers Market Finds

We love a Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market! It’s great a great start to the weekend for us, but it’s also such a great way to start the conversation with kids about where our food comes from. We love to support the local vendors, and the kids love to wander, explore the various stalls, and grab a free sample where they can. 🙂 

There are plenty of farmer’s markets around town on different days, and they’re all great. 

Grand Boulevard — Saturday 9am-1pm

Seaside — Saturdays 8:00-12:00 (  and 9am-1pm Labor Day to Memorial Day) 

Rosemary Beach— Sundays 9am-1pm

30 Avenue — Thursdays 9am – 1pm (year round) 

And because we all know I can’t resist a day in Seaside, that’s usually the one we go to. Today I’m sharing this handy Farmer’s Market Finds Printable  because it’s so fun to have the kids get as excited as we do about exploring out there! It works like a scavenger hunt, so the kiddos can either color or check off the images as they find the items in and around the Farmer’s Market. It keeps them engaged and entertained, which means more time to browse for mom and dad 😃. Plus there are images AND text, which keeps it simple enough for the younger crew not quite reading yet, and serves as great reinforcement for emerging readers. 

 Farmers Market Finds: FREE Printable  (👈click to download pdf)

We usually start off at Raw and Juicy, because mama needs that granola bowl 

granola bowl

And then cruise through the vendor stalls, letting the kids roam and look, and sample where they can! 

Depending on how long we take, and how much we buy, we usually take a little water break,  let them run around in the field, and relax a bit before heading back home. 

Farmers Market Sara Tallent

gotta take a selfie break 😉

If you love the Farmer’s Markets as much as we do, I hope you’ll get some good use out of this Farmer’s Market Finds Printable! Grab it here, and print off as many as you need before you hit up the next Farmer’s Market!

Farmers Market Printable

Have fun out there!  Be sure to tag us in your pics on Insta @destin30amomsblog , so we can see the fun you’re having!

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