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Remembering September 11

Remembering 9/11

Remembering September 11, 2001, 18 years later. I was sitting in 7th grade math class when my teacher, Mrs. Ferree, turned on the television so we could all watch the news reports. I remember it like I remember all the bad things that ever happened to me. What’s this called? It probably has a name, […]

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National Lazy Mom’s Day

There really is a holiday for everything these days. Some of them are silly, and some are my new favorite days of the year, I.E. NATIONAL LAZY MOM’S DAY! I definitely celebrate this one way more often than once a year, but #selfcare right? September is also Self-Care Awareness Month so you’re knocking out 2 […]

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Amazon vs. Target

Amazon vs. Target, man oh man, I really have a lot of feelings about these two champions of my heart. Listen, before you get your nice girl panties in a bunch this is not a battle. If, God forbid, there was a battle and only one could remain, no! I’m sorry, I am not even […]

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Getting Our Beach Town Back

You know that feeling when you take an easy drive to Target? You know, when all the lights are green, you find a great parking spot, you walk in and order your Starbucks and then you stroll the aisles with ease? Yeah, me neither, because we live in a tourist town. We have a whopping […]

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National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day is celebrated annually on August 17th.  What is National Nonprofit day anyway?  Sherita J. Herring, a renowned speaker, best-selling author and business strategist, founded National Nonprofit Day to educate, enlighten and empower others to make a difference, while acknowledging those that are in the trenches, impacting lives every day. “National Nonprofit Day allows […]

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Am I even ready?

Friends are you ready for your kids to grow up??  The whole time my kids have been growing up I have been ready to see what path they will take, what adventures they will go on finding their way to adulthood.  Am I even ready?? I have to confess – I AM NOT READY!  (insert […]

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