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Tea Fore Her Luncheon Recap

“Breast cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from a breast cancer survivor is it? Terri Fedonczak is a breast cancer survivor and a champion of encouraging women and girls to find their inner lioness.  When Terri was diagnosed with breast cancer, she immediately began to analyze her life and determined that her life was lacking purpose.  On a safari in Africa, she was wowed by watching how the lionesses keep the pride going and surviving.  A pride of lions only survives if the lionesses work together.  She incorporates the power of the pride into teaching girls how to support each other. 

Terri recently spoke at the annual Tea Fore Her luncheon at the gorgeous Vue on 30A. And what a gorgeous view it was.  The terrace was filled with women–cancer survivors, women who love cancer survivors, and women who’ve lost loved ones to cancer.  They were all gathered with one goal in mind—to raise money for the local non-profit organization, Fore Her, Inc. Fore Her hosts the tea, a golf tournament, and this fall will add a Pink Walk to raise money for local women who are struggling financially while undergoing breast cancer treatments.   

Upon her cancer diagnosis, Terri took a tragedy vs. comedy approach and allowed comedy to win.  She threw a Tata to the Tata Party before her mastectomy.  According to Terri, “laughing at cancer took away its power.” She also chose to be a hero rather than a victim. “If you’re going to write your own story, you might as well make yourself the hero.” She’s become a hero to many women and adolescent girls who are struggling to find themselves and their place in the world.  She takes an anti-mean girls approach to connecting women and girls. 

Terri’s message is inspiring to those with and without cancer.  She encourages “Sisters before Misters.” She talks about the importance of investing in friendships rather than acquaintances.  “Whatever makes your heart light up inside, that’s where you’ll find your people.” She led the group in a deep breathing exercise and had everyone roar and declare, “I vow to use my girl power for good today.” What a great message for us moms to project to other moms and to our daughters. Let’s all use our girl power for good!

🌸Tea Fore Her Luncheon 🌸

Flowers at Tea Fore Here Luncheon Tea Fore Her Menu Signature Pink Drink at Tea fore her luncheon Terri Fedonczak at Tea Fore Her Luncheon

To find out more about what the Fore Her, Inc. organization is all about, to donate, or to volunteer, visit their website.  And plan on going to next year’s Tea Fore Her luncheon! 

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