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Nesting (Or Not) Here Comes Baby!

Nest: v. to make a home; n. a home where people live

dreamy nurseryI had heard the term nesting time and time again as I began walking through the sweet season of pregnancy.

And although I felt it would be my honest inclination to nest seconds after known conception (I mean, everyone else has nursery Pinterest boards, right?).. that was absolutely not the case. As I let Chapman’s (our baby boy!) room sit empty for months, my sweet patients would ask every day as my due date approached, “Is his room all ready?!” And I would give them an honest response,

“if by ready you mean a blank canvas with a swimming onesie on the floor that he probably can’t wear until he’s 6 months old, then yes, yes it’s absolutely ready.”

We would all laugh off my response as I internally panicked.

Month 7 turned into month 8 and it felt like we still had 51% non-essentials (a plush lambie rocker that you MUST have even though your child won’t use it until after they’re walking or are placed atop it for a photo op) and 49% essentials (a crib). But alas, my due date approached and I kicked it into high gear. Both sides of the family were coming into town and we had lived in our new home almost 5 months. There were no excuses.

Finally, in the home stretch, everything came together, essential and excessive, for the nursery and the house, except for some bedskirts and nightstands (sorry, fam!).

dreamy nursery

Chapman Riley Cummins was born May 22, 2017, weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz and already 21 inches long. We busted out of the hospital two days later, made the necessary Starbucks (and Walmart) run, and brought him home. To our nest. To his nursery. To the place we had prayerfully and lovingly prepared for him since his existence was known to us. I feel incredibly redundant yet unapologetic for the copious amounts of social media blasts I have created on my baby’s behalf. But the basic gist has been, how deeply in love we’ve fallen with our precious boy (attached with a tummy time picture and video of hiccups of course ;)!

Lily & Sparrow Photo Co.

And now all I’m left with is that I am so grateful for motherhood and what is has brought me. What an honor. What a privilege. What a joy. Thank you for walking alongside me in this journey, mommas. It’s the best gig around. 


Annabelle Cummins 

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