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Santa Rosa Beach Mom Launches Destin 30A Moms Blog

Understanding motherhood to be the toughest and sweetest calling a woman can get, and knowing it’s an impossible task to tackle alone, a Santa Rosa Beach mom is launching a new connection point for her peers. Destin30A Moms Blog, under the ownership of Sara Tallent, launched April 12, 2017. Destin30A Moms Blog will provide encouragement for moms, information on local parenting resources and organize events where moms can connect face-to-face.

No matter where a mom is on her journey of motherhood, she’ll find something that speaks uniquely to her on Destin30A Moms Blog. That could be an article that resonates with the reader, written by another local mom. It could be a review of a new local restaurant that sounds appealing for young families. Moms at the beach will find their lives enriched by visiting Destin30A Moms Blog
Sara Tallent _ Destin30A Moms Blog

“I started Destin30A Moms Blog to connect moms on a local level, and also to fill what I saw as a void in local, mom-focused resources,” said Sara Tallent, Destin30A Moms Blog owner. “I decided it was time to act, and create the community I’d been seeking. If you’re a local mom, we want to be your online BFF; the first place you turn for trusted advice.”

Destin30A Moms Blog joins 67 parenting resource websites across the country, through City Moms Blog Network. Being a part of this sisterhood of like-minded “mom-prenuers,” Tallent will have the power of experience at her fingertips. 

“Destin30A Moms Blog will not only bring the influence of local information to readers in Destin, but it will be tapped into the assets of 67 mom-focused sites across the country,” said Stephanie Flies, City Moms Blog Network founder and director. “Sara Tallent has caught a fantastic vision for the moms in her community and we are ready and excited to support her in this journey with Destin30A Moms Blog.”

In the coming days and weeks, Destin and South Walton moms can look forward to reading about other area moms and their stories. Readers can expect to be encouraged, informed, and better connected to moms in the Destin area. For more information on becoming a contributor, upcoming events or local parenting information, please visit 

 Ensuring every Destin and South Walton mom feels connected and in the know by providing a sense of community and a culture of support; sharing relevant content and engaging local moms in positive interactions both on and offline. 

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