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Meet The Contributor Whitney Bengson

Hi There!  

My name is Whitney Bengson, and I live off of 30A with this beautiful bunch below…

and our crazy chihuahua named Vito (not pictured…he was barking at the photographer…)

Whitney Bengson Family Photo in front of Christmas Tree

I’m really excited to begin this new journey of blogging…and blogging about one of my passions…being a mom!  Now, if you had asked me if I saw this in my future 5 years ago, I would’ve said WHAT?!  

Here’s the nutshell of our family, our team, our “us.”

I have lived a number of places, from Cali to Washington DC, but I call Gulf Breeze my childhood home and where I mostly grew up (my parents still live there).  I graduated from Florida State University (Go ‘Noles!) with a degree in Professional Communications and then entered the corporate world of sales, marketing, and advertising.  In the spring of 2012, I was ready for a new beginning.  I was living at home and definitely wanted more…so I started to pray.  Pray that God would lead me in a direction towards a good (high-paying job), a cute new place, and ok, yeah…I prayed to meet a good CHRISTIAN man.  I started a new career in Fort Walton Beach, and moved over there shortly after.  Enter….Josh Bengson.

happy couple laughing

Josh and I became good friends.  Work was fun and for the first time, I felt really happy and I KNEW I was right where I needed to be.  About 6 months into our friendship, we were hanging out and he KISSED me…out of the blue, just planted it right on me!  I can still remember it clear as day, even now giggling and getting butterflies just thinking about it.  On our first “date”, Josh told me more about his daughter Ava (I already knew he was an amazing father) and he explained that he served on Prayer Team at their church (ding, ding, ding!).  

I knew he was THE ONE.

I say all of this because everything that has since transpired from that kiss has been a whirlwind of blessing after blessing.  We were engaged 4 months after, married in March of 2013, and 6 weeks after our wedding, we discovered we were expecting!  

Enter, Ben…

Ben is now 3, and he is the sweetest little guy.  Just when I think he can’t possibly get any cuter, he does.  

And, yes, I have a toddler and a teenager!  Ava is almost 15, and I think Ben gets his sweetness from her…she is our darling, and watching those two play and interact when we have her, is just so stinking cute.  Ava and I share a love of shopping, getting our nails done, and listening to Justin Bieber (when Josh isn’t around!)

teenager and a toddler!

As a family, we take full advantage of the beautiful bubble we live in.  We love our church, we love our neighborhood, we love our families, our friends, and yes, even our crazy dog Vito.  Our blended family dynamic is unique but we make the best of the highs, middles, and the lows.  


I’m looking forward to sharing more and learning more from you all about our mom lives here on the Emerald Coast!

Love, Whitney

date night photo op




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