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Fresh Motherhood Hacks: Nursing And Pumping Like A Pro

As I approached five weeks postpartum and my babe and I adjusted to his little life outside the womb, I started internalizing, “okay, what has worked and what hasn’t?” Here’s a little round up of what I’ve been loving so far, for all you expecting moms out there who might be feeling overwhelmed by the options. 


NURSING Okay y’all, I’ll be the first to admit that nursing is absolutely incredible. I mean, to see the sweet squishy babe that I gave life to look up at me as I continue to give him life. You can’t beat it. But if we’re being real, it’s challenging, messy, and constant. So! Here are some essentials that aided in mitigating said hurdles. While nursing bras definitely have their perks, my little guy and I still found ourselves in a frustrated milky mess over clipping and unclipping while using them. By accident (while all of my nursing bras were being laundered) I found that nursing in a bandeau was indeed so much easier. I was able to pull the bandeau above my chest, avoiding spillage AND excessive laundry. Winning.Favorite Bandeau Tops

But…we can’t walk around in bandeaus (well unless you’re me and do it at home all the time) so I also have to tell you about a line of the softest graphic tanks I’ve ever laid hands on. Enclosed with the shipment was a note from their maker. The note, from my friend and boss babe, was a handwritten thank you and that also let me know these tanks were awesome for nursing. WINNING AGAIN. She couldn’t have been more right. Happy momma ova here. I’ve linked similar bandeaus and my sweet friend’s tanks here for your convenience.



PUMPING Two things have SAVED me here. After sifting through Pinterest boards and blogs about what’s necessary and what’s not, I came across the Kiinde Twist system for breast milk storage. The starter kit comes with a warmer, storage bags, nipples to convert to bottles, and adapter parts making it compliant with all pumps. It’s a one stop shop and as a new momma, I love it.

Like nursing, pumping can also be a dysfunctional mess. Because of this, cloth and disposable nursing pads are a must. I still can’t decide which I like best and sometimes I’ll even opt for a swimsuit top. So if y’all have any other means by which to mitigate the mess, please share them! I’m learning on the fly. But even better than absorbing  excessive milk to be thrown away, I learned of the Haakaa Pump through a Facebook group. It came in the other day and let me tell you, it is a game changer. It can be used while pumping or nursing and eliminates all worries of that liquid gold going to waste. Here is the link if you want to give it a go! 

That’s what’s working so far! Is it just me, or do we as mommas get a heckuva lot of conflicting advice when it comes to caring for our ducklings? Rhetorical question because yes, we definitely do. Hopefully you can relate and better yet, teach me more by sharing your own mommy hacks you’ve cultivated and procured through trial and error. 



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