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Favorite Spots For Fall Family Photos

Family Photo Spots

Every year in the fall I make time for 1 thing: Photos for the holiday card. 

Our family does New Year’s cards (mostly because I can’t ever manage to get Christmas cards out in time). But I still try to make that photo happen sometime in October or early November before full on holiday madness sets in.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite local spots, in case you’re in search of a great Fall Family Photo location. 

And let me just say, I don’t want to discount the beach! The beach is gorgeous! That’s a GREAT spot for a photo session, and I highly recommend it, especially if your family has never done a “beach” session. Check out some of our favorite local photographers and get one on the books! This list, however, is dedicated to some other spots around town in case you want foliage or more of a “fall” look in your photos. 

Whether you’re the one behind the camera, or you’re doing the family photo shoot with a pro, these spots are good ones to try either way! 


Rosemary is so perfect with it’s pretty buildings, great great grassy spots, and even some holly growing  in various spots if you look closely. There’s a lot to love for holiday photos here. The Town Hall alone is worth it! Yes please. As we get closer to Holiday time, all of the garland, greenery decor, wreaths, etc out in rosemary are REAL, so it’s a great place for a classic looking backdrop. 
Town Hall in rosemary

Holly in rosemary


Love it out here. Obviously, the white everywhere is perfect for modern family photos. And if you head back behind Charlie’s Donut Truck, there are huge holly bushes that would make for great Christmas Card scenery. 

photos in Alys Beach

Alys Beach Photo op


We all know at this point that I’m partial to Seaside, so I’m sure this is a biased opinion but really: Is there any place that’s NOT perfect for photos in Seaside? The air streams and shops in the background can give a little bit of that urban vibe that’s tough to find around here. 

raw and juicy

Beach dogs

The purple wall is everything ( I may or may not make my kids take a picture there every time we go), and of course the iconic obelisk at the beach. If you stroll further back, into the Ruskin Place area, you’ll find more quiet grassy spots and other perfect photo ops. 

Seaside Fall Photos



destin 30a watercolor

photo cred: Marla and Shane

I mean, obviously we love this one. We had our own team photos done there. From the wide open grassy areas, to the water features and fun butterfly bench, there is a lot to explore which can be especially helpful with younger children in tow. Plus, one of my faves,  Candy Bar 30a is right there in the shops at Watercolor (hello built in bribery). If you are going to be the parent that bribes the kids with candy (ahem, me. Isn’t this all of us at some point? ), take it from me as I speak from first hand experience, no candy until AFTER the photos. Nothing like the perfect little outfit and then a blue tounge (…or nose in my case. How did that even happen?) or a sticky shirt stain to put a damper on the photos. Watercolortaken off the beaten path in watercolor : )


Here, for me, it’s all about the dunes. This is a great spot to get that magical, Pinterest feel with sand dunes in the background. If you want to do beach photos this is a great option for that as well, because it’s usually a little less crowed (i.e. fewer random beach goers in the background) and your photo background will be free from high rises. A great place to grab those natural, flowy, boho family shots. You have to pay to get in ($6 per vehicle) so keep that in mind.  This goes without saying but of course the dunes are important, and to be protected. Be careful where you step, not encouraging anyone to disturb the dunes, but rather to let them be a great backdrop. engagedDunes at GraytonBeach


 Wow this is a great spot for photos. If moss-covered oaks and swoon-worthy southern style vistas are your thing, this is the spot. From the bricks at the entrance, the statue garden, the wonderful covered porch, and did we mention those old mossy oaks? It’s full of charm and all around lovely.  And it is a state park, so again bring some cash to pay for parking. 

Eden State Park Photo Shoot

our very own Annabelle, in Eden Gardens pre-baby! photo cred: lily and sparrow photo co


Don’t underestimate the power of taking a photo in your own yard. Whether you have a photographer come to you, or you’re taking a few yourself, your own space can be a beautiful option. You simply need find an area where you can move things like toys and yard equipment out of the way, and preferably a spot with open shade (so no one’s squinting). Watch how the light changes in your outdoor space throughout the day,  and honestly one little corner can make the perfect spot for a family photo op. The big advantage here is for kids–if you’ve got a kid who has been less than cooperative with photos in the past, or an infant and you’re dreading messing with the feeding or nap schedule, the backyard photo shoot can be your best friend and save you lots of sweat and tears. 

Back Yard Photo Op

Kids backyard photo

Both taken in back yards 👆🙌

Grab your camera, or your favorite photographer and get snapping. Those holiday cards won’t make themselves (unfortunately!). 

Where are your favorite spots for family photos? Leave us a comment our send us an email–we’d love to keep this post updated! 


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