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Coffee In Crisis

So it was a Saturday night, my husband and I were settling into bed.  I did my normal check of social media/ text messages/ emails. Soon a flash of heat came over me.

Did I do this?! No… No way…

Eek!…A A Maybe?

How much coffee did I drink today?! I do love coffee but do I really have this big of a problem?

Facing me was a very enthusiastic email from my favorite coffee shop wanting to thank me for loading a gift card with $100. TWICE!

I turned to my husband with a terrified look, to which he responded with simply,  “What did you do?”

(Sweat pouring down my face) “OH nothing honey, I need to go make a phone call…”

At this point my biggest concern was that my husband would NEVER allow me to go back to my favorite coffee shop. I was running through new plans of caffeinating. Can I grow my own coffee beans, buy a tiny farm? Where will I ever find a red Christmas cup in December for my own brew?! Why, World, why?!

Well you probably guessed it, and the call confirmed, someone went on a shopping spree with my card. Luckily, it was just out of my spending account, which I never keep much money in; regardless, it is still a huge pain!

I called the store, the scene of the crime. They remembered a man coming in at the same time and buying a lot of merchandise; oh, you’re welcome sir, enjoy your floral handle mug and endless coffee beans! 

The friendly staff has insured that the money will be returned and all will be fine. They also informed me that “Free WiFi” may not always be secure and your information is therefore at risk of being compromised, which I knew, I just never thought it would happen to me.

Lessons learned; never store credit card information on a your phone and never leave money on your in-store card… Spend it all yourself! Okay, maybe not the second one. Just be cautious to the risks around you; like Unicorn coffee and hackers. 



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