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2018 Mom of the Year FINALISTS

The nominations are IN! Who will be the 2018 Destin 30a Mom of the Year? It’s going to be a really REALLY tough call. We are so grateful to each and every one of you who took time out to nominate a local mom. Reading through the nominations warmed our hearts, inspired us, and also made it clear we need to be doing WAY more to recognize local moms because there is A LOT of good going on out there.

Sadly we can’t pick everyone, so we’ve managed to narrow down the list to these AMAZING 2018 Mom of the Year FINALISTS

Give them a virtual round of applause! Or if you know them, a social shout out, a pat on the back, a call, a text, a hug, a fist bump, a high five, a 🙌 emoji, or any other sign of appreciation you deem worthy. These local moms are setting the bar high! They are making a difference in their homes, in our community, and by all accounts are just overall great humans who deserve all the accolades we can give.

Here are the 2018 Mom of the Year FINALISTS (listed in no particular order). 

Shelly Guernseydestin 30a mom shelly

“Shelly is an amazing mother of five littles who has a degree in mechanical engineering and works part-time in project management and technical documentation. Finding a balance as a working mom is always a challenge, yet Shelly also manages to find time to give back to the community. As a member of the Junior League of the Emerald Coast, she was the Chair for the 2017 Child Clothing Project where 400 local children were brought to Target to purchase new clothing. This project is a massive undertaking that requires coordination with multiple area schools, Target employees, Junior League volunteers, and other local sponsors….”

Rachel Scarborough 

mom of the year

“Whether you see Rachel in the grocery store, the ballpark, the gym, or running down 30A, I can assure you she will have a smile on her face.  She spreads joy & happiness everywhere she goes, and lends a listening ear or shoulder to cry on to anyone in need. She is the easiest person to be around, & she always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone in her presence feels comfortable & welcome.  Joy & love overflow from her onto every person she comes in contact with…

She has run 11 marathons as a fundraiser for the St Jude Children’s Hospital team and has raised thousands of dollars to help save those precious children….She is what I call a “Mom’s Mom” because she is not only an amazing listener but she is real & honest about the daily struggles moms face. She is truly a strong woman because she empowers other women & reminds them how special & amazing they are…”

Layne Lillie

“The Lillie family, Layne, Ryan and sweet baby Hannah, have been in Boston for specialized care at Harvard Children’s Hospital. At three weeks old, Hannah had a medical emergency that resulted in the removal of most of her small intestine. Layne and Ryan have dropped everything to care for her and are dealing with a lifetime of special care for Hannah. She’s been so strong and gracious in the face of all of this unexpected difficulty, and a wonderful example of the heart of a mother! ”

Rashelle Berkenbile

Mom of the year finalist“It’s hard being a mother. While Rashelle’s not one to make it look easy, she’s incredibly graceful about every twist and turn her boys (and life in general) throw her way.  Her husband, Joseph, receives a job offer for his dream job in Santa Rosa Beach. Rashelle packs up her things and moves 1,000 miles away from the town in Oklahoma where she grew up, got married and had kids, leaving behind her extended family, her job and her comfort zone…

No matter what comes her way, she’s found a way to deal. Actually, she’s done a whole lot more than ‘deal.’ She’s thrived. Rashelle Berkenbile should be named the 2018 Destin 30a Mom of the Year because, through a wild year filled with change and challenge, she’s remained brave, strong, and selfless—three qualities that I feel define motherhood itself.”

Jessica Sirten 

mom time“Jessica is an amazing mother to 3 little people. She has her own wedding cake business that she flawlessly runs from her home all while caring perfectly for her children! She also organizes a monthly book club to gather women together & keep their spirits high! Jessica jumps at any chance to donate baked goods to charity, and she shows me daily how to act with grace and humility. I truly believe she deserves this title, and a chance to pamper herself, because she is always caring for others and putting others before herself.”

Kimberly Barbee

Mom of the year destin finalistShe currently works at Butler Elementary School as an administrator, but her work goes far beyond what is required. She is the mother of two smart, beautiful girls Luna Jo and Stella but is a sweet safe haven to hundreds of children at school.  I think being a warm hug and friendly smile to them fills her up too! She works at the school all week and STILL is dedicated to her church, her kids sport and her husbands local Fishing Charter Boat, booking all his trips and being the one woman show for that business as well! I know this woman is a prize winning mother …
Stay tuned for the winner announcement this weekend–she’ll be chosen from this group of finalists. And in case you missed it–the price package is major! Our 2018 Mom of the Year will win over $700 in prizes from these local sponsors! 
 There you have it! Just a few of our amazing local moms, making up this year’s Mom of the Year FINALISTS! Their stories inspired us, and we hope they inspire you too. 

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