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2018 Books (and more) for the Beach


Beach Reads _ Destin 30a

It’s that magical time of year that all us locals love. ❤ The spring breakers have headed home and we have our beautiful beaches to ourselves for a few weeks before summer starts. We love our visitors, but this in-between time is like getting a bubble bath to ourselves after a long day with the kids. As I was putting together a list of the books I want to read this summer, I remembered that I don’t read at the beach! I’m too busy dusting sand off of snacks and doing a headcount to lose myself in a great story. So, instead of a regular beach-reads list, I put together a list with a little something extra for everyone–in case the actual act of beach reading doesn’t happen for you either. 

2018 Beach Titles : Books (and more) for the Beach 

By Invitation Only, Dorthea Benton Frank- Nobody does city-girl-in-a-small-town like Dot Frank. Funny, charming, and easy to read. You’ll want to mix up a mess of Mimi’s Company Biscuits when you’re done.
When Life Gives You Lululemons, Lauren Weisberger- Emily, the only character you hate more than the Devil in Prada herself, is struggling to manage the image of her scandalmaking client in Greenwich, CT. An unlikely trio of women have to figure out how to rely on each other to make in these cut-throat suburbs.
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: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Read: Still Me, JoJo Moyes- After you’ve cried your eyes out over the other two You/Me books, you can find Louisa forging a new life in New York City. Does absence make the heart fonder? Or will she find love in her new area code?
The Wedding Date, Jasmine Guillory- Drew is desperate for a date to his ex’s wedding. Alexa isn’t the type to play games, but gives in this one time. Can a fake romance turn into something real? Or will their real lives get in the way of something special?
Listen: Heart to Heart Podcast
Watch: literally any movie starring Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, or Anne Hathaway

Young Adult
 People Like Us, Dana Mele- The Queen Bee at Bates Academy has a closet full of skeletons. When a girl turns up dead, Kay Donovan in sent on a high-tech scavenger hunt to save her reputation and uncover a killer.
You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone, Rachel Lynn Solomon- Tovah and Adina don’t share much more than DNA and a dying mother. When one tests positive for the gene for Huntington’s their plans for the future- including college- must change.
Listen: 88 Cups of Tea Podcast, Cast of Wonders Podcast
Watch: Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, My Sister’s Keeper

Satire about Technology
 Made for Love, Alissa Nutting- Like Carl Hiaasen, Nutting makes the sometime absurdity of Florida life into something hilarious and thought-provoking. Hazel just wants to get away from her tech-empire-building ex-husband, but the chip in her brain won’t let her. This darkly funny novel lays bare just how much technology has changed our relationships in just a few years.
Touch, Courtney Maum- Rather than technology making people hyper-connected, Maum imagines that it has created a disconnected society. Sloane is a trend-forecaster who sees a revival of “in-personing,” which could spell disaster for her career and her relationship.
Listen: Stefana Broadbent and Sherry Turkle continue the discussion on the effects of technology on intimacy in these TED talks.
Watch: WALL-E

True Crime/Thriller
 I’ll Be Gone In the Dark, Michelle McNamara- What started as a true crime blog turned into something much bigger. McNamara became determined to solve the EAR/ONS case. Read about how much the case took over her life and how she came to know the victims and survivors. This one’s not for the faint of heart but a must-read for any true crime fan.
The Woman In the Window, A.J. Finn- Rear Window meets Gone, Girl in this fast-paced thriller. Which is more terrifying- witnessing unspeakable acts in your new neighbor’s home? Or losing your grip on reality?
Listen: Patton Oswald talks to NPR about his late wife, Michelle McNamara , and Unsolved Murders : True Crime Stories  podcast.  
Watch: Zodiac

First-Person Storytelling
 Air Traffic: A Memoir of Ambition and Manhood in America, Gregory Pardlo- The air traffic controller strike of 1981 sent Pardlo’s father on a downward spiral. Here, Gregory talks about addiction, abuse, and the complicated ties of family and how race and gender play a role in American life.
The Kiss Quotient, Helen Hoang- Inspired by her own experience, Hoang crafts a novel about autism and romance. Stella hires an escort to help her quantify and analyze the messy algorithm we call dating.
Listen: This American Life Podcast, Six Word Memoir Podcast
Watch: Frida, One Day at a Time

There you have it — a tall stack of books I hope to get through this summer. Which ones have you read? What did I leave out? Drop a comment and let me know.

P.S. If podcasts, are your thing, don’t miss this post on our favorite podcasts for moms! 

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