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We’ve partnered with Grand Fitness to bring you a series of posts about our real-life fitness journeys. Check them out below : 

5 Reasons I’ve Grown to Love Fitness (Spoiler: Vanity Isn’t Number One) 


Pregnancy Weight Just Waiting Around

Workouts and Grief : Did Running Just Save My SoulRunning Through Grief



WE ❤ GRAND FITNESS and have partnered with them to bring you a series of honest posts, from varying perspectives, about our real life mom fitness stories–Successes, failures, what’s working for us, and what isn’t. Locally owned and operated, Grand Fitness is a high-end 20,000 sq.ft fitness facility in Grand Blvd. They offer state of the art equipment, an in-house nutrition specialist, and an amazing child care space. More than just another gym, Grand Fitness cares about us–local moms–no matter where you are on your fitness journey. To prove it, they’re offering FREE entry for the day to anyone who mentions this post. So go check out their facility, or take a class, or even just take a tour.

You might just love it. Grand Fitness