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Overcoming the Minivan Stigma

minivan mom lifeBeing a new mom of 3 kiddos, all in car seats and under the age of five, I have recently found myself in the conundrum of needing a BIGGER car. 
I currently drive a Lexus RX and am in LOVE with it. It was the first car we bought as a married couple, the car we brought our first baby home from the hospital in, and the first car we paid off. To say I’m sentimentally attached is an understatement! 
I’ve also found myself being proud of the fact that I drive a luxury car, feeling it was a status symbol of sorts. That’s ridiculous, right?!? As I say it out loud it definitely feels that way. I’m the first to encourage others NOT to care what others think, yet, here I am, clearly wanting to keep a car too small for my family because of what it is and what I think it portrays. Sigh.

So when we decided it just didn’t make sense any more to be squeezing all three kids and car seats in my undersized back seat, I struggled to wrap my mind around the fact that a minivan was probably the most logical vehicle for our family.

My thoughts immediately went to the stereotype that is attached to minivan moms. In my head (again, silly I know!), I was kind of afraid that driving a minivan would change me. That somehow I’d now be ONLY allowed to live that soccer mom stereotype; That driving a van somehow means I’ve given up as a woman and am now just a mom, living only for my kids and to shuttle them around. That’s the opposite of who I am and who I want to inspire other moms to be! You have to fill your cup before you can be the best mom and wife you can be!
And here’s the thing, I know lots of moms who drive minivans and they do not fit that stereotype at all! And I don’t personally judge anyone who drives a mini van, so why should I care if someone is judging me or making a preconceived notion of who I am because of what I drive?!?
Clearly, I needed to take my own advice and do what is best for me and my family. Plus, yeah, I can be a SUPER COOL minivan mom, right? RIGHT?! 
So, I bit the bullet and my Sienna Limited Premium is on the way! I’m soaking up my last couple weeks with my Lexus, but I’m ready for new adventures!
minivan life

They’re ready to hit the road!


At the end of the day, maybe it isn’t the coolest car on the road,  but it is pretttaaay fancy inside. And those automatic doors?! The kids are gonna love it!

Here’s to all of us ROCKING the minivan and ROCKING at LIFE! 

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