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Back To School Supply List For Moms

Back to school list for mom woman jumping on beachWooHoo! It’s that time of year again. Our mailboxes are bursting with back to school info and Target looks like a hurricane came through. Kids are picking out their first day of school outfits and complaining that we won’t buy them the 2,064 count box of Crayons (to be fair, I did some similar complaining when I was a kid and it’s only just now occurring to me that since I’m a grownup, I can buy as many of those boxes or myself as I want. Thank you RedCard discount #adultingrules). 
I’ve always loved school supply shopping and now that my kiddo is in school, I get to do it all over again with him. But why do our kids get to have all the fun? We’ve been in the trenches all summer and (with any luck & the right face cream) we’ve escaped with only a few more wrinkles and grey hairs than we started with. We deserve new stuff too!

So here’s my 2018-2019 Back To School Supply List for moms. Please have all items labeled and ready by the first day of school. 

  • Large bag: make sure it’s big enough to carry ALL the things that your child insists on bringing with them, but wont hold themselves (how many books do we possibly need for the 6 minute car ride to school?? I’m not bitter).
  • Day Planner: find a fun, fancy planner to write down all those things you think you’ll finally have time for now that your kids are back in school. Spoiler alert: you won’t.
  • Insulated Mug: the coffee you haven’t had time to drink and forgot to take in the car will look so nice sitting on the counter when you get home from drop-off. 
  • Taxi Roof Sign: The Mom’s One-Stop Shop Taxi Service will be back in full swing so you may as well get a new sign for the top of your car. We are after all just like Uber, without the tips and ability to poorly rate your passengers. Seriously kids, is it that hard to take all your junk back in the house with you? And where do all the crumbs come from???? 
  • Kleenex: moms send all the supplies and our kids thank us by bringing home ALL. THE. GERMS. Stock up on Kleenex and cold medicine now while it’s on sale and in fun prints. 
  • Black yoga pants: the universal uniform. When you find the ever-elusive PERFECT pair, stock up. They hide stains, go great with a messy bun, and no one will be able to tell that you’ve worn the same pair three days in a row. 
  • Checkbooks: lots and lots of checkbooks. Picking out new check patterns isn’t quite as fun as picking out new notebooks, but it makes all the check writing less painful. Sort of. Ok not really. But that cheetah print is sure to brighten up the wallet. 
  • Multi-pack of pens: you’ll need something to sign all those pretty new checks with.
  • Wine: Basically juice boxes for moms –It comes in multiple flavors, stains your teeth, and if you drink too much, you it makes you throw up. I mean, you can even get wine a box now, so “mom juice” here I come. 


That’s it! This is all you’ll need for a successful school year for you and your family. Are there any Must-Haves on your personal list? Comment below or find us on Facebook and tell us how you’re getting ready for the new year. To follow along with all my personal insanity, you can find my info below. Happy Shopping!

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