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friendship is over

The Death of a Friendship

Over the years I’ve had many truly great friendships.  I have had a tribe for every phase of my life.  Without them, I would have struggled through those different phases of life.  They helped guide me through some of life’s most difficult and fun times.  Along with the great friendships came the not so great friendships. […]

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Does this blog make my influencer look big?

Although this meeting is planned it feels like suddenly I’ve found myself sitting at this table with some amazing young moms from different walks of life writing mom blogs with them.  Does this make me an influencer?  What??  I have no freaking idea!  So I did a little Google search to find out.  You all know Google […]

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One Of The Hard Parts Of Being A Parent

Have your mom friends been totally honest with you about being a parent?  I’m not talking about the fun stuff like holding your newborn for the first time; watching him/her smile at you (for real) for the first time; or when he/she starts walking or whatever other fun milestone happens.  Sure those are great and […]

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