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where do you blog

Where Do You Blog Best?

Ya’ll… If you know me then you know I recently leveled up to 50.  Which is really NOT old, but dang I feel old right this minute.  I’m sitting in a tattoo shop with my 18 year old daughter and the music is so loud I can’t think!  I started writing at least three other topics before […]

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Does this blog make my influencer look big?

Although this meeting is planned it feels like suddenly I’ve found myself sitting at this table with some amazing young moms from different walks of life writing mom blogs with them.  Does this make me an influencer?  What??  I have no freaking idea!  So I did a little Google search to find out.  You all know Google […]

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Amazon vs. Target

Amazon vs. Target, man oh man, I really have a lot of feelings about these two champions of my heart. Listen, before you get your nice girl panties in a bunch this is not a battle. If, God forbid, there was a battle and only one could remain, no! I’m sorry, I am not even […]

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Getting Our Beach Town Back

You know that feeling when you take an easy drive to Target? You know, when all the lights are green, you find a great parking spot, you walk in and order your Starbucks and then you stroll the aisles with ease? Yeah, me neither, because we live in a tourist town. We have a whopping […]

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rainbow umbrellas

ROAD TRIP : Umbrella Sky Pensacola

  When I heard there were umbrellas in the sky in Pensacola, I was #soexcited. Kid-at-Christmas-Can’t-Wait-To-Get-Over-There EXCITED. Umbrellas in the sky?! From Portuguese artists? Oh this has my name written all over it. Be right there.  Record scratch.  Noooot so fast. Pensacola is far, I’ve got kids and school pick-ups and all the things. Better […]

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