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The Breast Cancer Tests

Have you considered getting the breast cancer tests?  I am not talking about mammograms.  You know the tests I’m talking about – BRCA1 and BRCA2.  Those are some pretty scary letters.  When you think of the testing that those letters involve, do you think “yes I want to know what percentage I have to be […]

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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

You know those friends who make you feel like you are their 2nd or 3rd choice? I have spent the majority of my life chasing their “yes.” It was exhausting and emotionally draining. I have cried, felt unlikeable, and not good enough. There really is not another way to put it – it sucks.  I […]

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A healthy breakfast with croissants, fresh juice, nuts and raspberries

Living Healthy From The Inside Out

When thinking about our own health it is important to remember that health comes from the inside out. The “perfect body” is an evolving image. When I was in my teens it was a flat Britney Spears stomach you obtained by a “fat free diet” and 100 crunches a day. Now, it’s a six pack and a Kim Kardashian […]

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Self Care: Do It For You, Mama!

I’m not sure about you, but I’ll use any excuse to give myself a little self care; so, I’d like to introduce to you… National Self Care Month! Easier said than done, but do it for you, Mama! If you’re anything like me, your husband and your kiddos are sitting high on the ladder and […]

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National Lazy Mom’s Day

There really is a holiday for everything these days. Some of them are silly, and some are my new favorite days of the year, I.E. NATIONAL LAZY MOM’S DAY! I definitely celebrate this one way more often than once a year, but #selfcare right? September is also Self-Care Awareness Month so you’re knocking out 2 […]

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