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Toss the Flip-Flops, Mox Shoes Are Here!

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Mox Shoes at the Beach

Does anyone else struggle with finding perfect everyday shoes? I know I do. I long for something that is functional but has more style than just a pair of flip-flops.

After feeling discouraged, sorting through a basket full of tennis shoes and flip-flops, I was ready for something new!

I was just thinking to myself, do you outgrow flip-flops? Is there a point in life that it becomes unacceptable to wear flip flops all day every day? Do I move on to an official sandal with multiple straps…or just a full shoe? I feel like I am needing to up my shoe game a little, but #beachlife in Florida makes this a tricky one. Sand and water are part of life here, so finding shoes that work with both can be difficult

I’m also a mom of two young boys therefore, “quick and easy” are the filters I’m using when online shoe shopping! Well, Mox Shoes  to the rescue! I mean there were basically fireworks, angels singing, and flashing lights when I tried them on (ok not really, but I knew they were gonna be good).Mox Shoes In Latte

 So cute! They slip right on, and they come in sooo many good colors.  Because of the material sand and water are no issue, which is probably the best part for me. It’s like all the benefits of flops, but cuter! They are perfect for the beach, the sand shakes right off. Plus they’re easy to clean. I can go from drop-off, to a coffee date, straight to splashing in the water (or even the mud puddles) with my boys. These shoes can handle anything my mom-life throws at them! 

Mox Shoes for Every day

I choose the latte (nude) color thinking  that they would go with anything. So far they have!  

Because Mox Shoes are flats they work with everything — jeans, dresses, shorts & capris, and I’ve worn them with all of the above. And of course they came along for a mid-week beach stroll! 

Mox Shoes at the Beach

mox shoes gulf placemy “I’m at the beach with no kids!” face. 😉 

Mox Shoes have replaced flip-flops in my wardrobe. Which is major. With this one simple change I am feeling more comfortable and put-together in my daily mom life. #Winning!  

I love my Mox Shoes SO much, I want to make sure you get a chance to try them too. Enter code DMB10 at checkout for 10% off your pair! 

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